Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Mio's art

My son Mio is now two years old and he is discovering art.
We have been drawing with him ever since he could hold a marker and more recently he started to tell us what it is he is drawing. He points out "head" and "feet" of the birds and dinosaurs he is doodling and is very specific about which way up he wants to look at something and that is sometimes not the way convention tells us to.

Mio's favourite Pixi book
This is Mio's favourite Pixi book at the moment. We bought it in Germany and it had only empty landscapes in it. Originally, there was a sheet with small animal stickers inside, but they lost their stickiness on a rather long train trip we were on recently: 12 hours, Denmark to Germany. I decided to find some new stickers for it and since Mio is having so much fun with sticking them in, we enjoy looking at the small book again and again. I love this page. Mio was very precise about where each dot had to go and took his time finishing the composition with care, even though, one could say, at the moment, he feels rather sticker happy!

from Mio's sketchbook

This is the first page in Mio's big sketchbook. He got it from his god father, Klaus Maus. Mio had started scribbling in it before he was a year old, but only recently he worked on this first page again and completed it, at least for now (When is something truly finished?).
I gave him a few sheets with small dot stickers in different colours and he also used marker pens to add some more drawing. This was also the day, we first started to "cut and paste". Mio is now the proud owner of a little pair of rounded children's scissors and he clips and rips shapes off a piece of paper with such a delight, it is infectious!
Mio does a Beuys
I sometimes pick up free postcards, when I like them. This one I found at our local bakery/café. Like many things in our household, Mio put a claim on it. He added his own artwork on top of the existing artwork and also changed which way it should be viewed. I am thinking, it reminds me of Joseph Beuys, when he was drawing into children's books and smile.

What's next? I can't wait to find out.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Happy New Year 2013!

I have started the new year with a collage challenge - hurrah!

This is a game, Kenn and I like to play every now and then. It is great, because it is totally unpredictable in terms of what comes out of it and I love it, because it is a good challenge for my creative brain. It works like this:

One of us puts together a little envelope containing some interesting bits and pieces of paper and gives it to the other one - et voilĂ , another collage challenge is on!
Sometimes it is quite hard to figure out what kind of image to create with these collections of odd clippings, and often the rule is that one has to use nothing else than that that was given, meaning one is not allowed to add anything new to the collection of bits.

I rather enjoyed my new year's challenge though and here is what I have made:

Hi 2013!

And here you can see what is left of the materials I had received:

remnants of a collage challenge

Already looking forward to the next collage challenge!