Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Luftkasteller/Castles in the Sky

a secret club at work (2)

This winter midterm, a secret club took over Aarhus Kunstbygning Center of Contemporary Art, to build a floating paper "castle in the sky" for all the great, fantastic and strange dreams and hopes to live in.

We were helped by many fellow sky-architects of all ages who built and added numerous towers, countless chambers, a conservatory, a swimming pool, a huge variety of turrets of all lengths and sizes, houses and barns of all kinds, plenty of walls, high and low, many, many flights of stairs and so much more.

suggestions on how to build

We had made a poster with suggestions on how to build parts of the castle, e.g. houses, turrets, roofs, and also how one could cut windows and doors and make flights of stairs.
Workshop participants quickly got the hang of it and started finding their own ways to build as well.

Kenn and participant
Where to hide your secret wish?

Katrina and participants
Katrina is helping workshop participants

Making of the Castles in the Sky (5)
Busy Saturday

Over the week many people added their bit and by the end of the week the Castle in the Sky had grown to a rather impressive size with planes circling around it, clouds hanging over and under it and lots and lots of secret wishes hidden inside it.

Castles in the Sky (8)
Castles in the Sky, work-in-progress

Castles in the Sky (10)
Castles in the Sky (close-up)

A secret club had some amazing helpers for this event. Many, many thanks to Jane Kloster, Sabrina Borg and Katrina Wiberg!

And also many thanks to all the staff at Aarhus Kunstbygning Center for Contemporary Art, especially Birgitte, who kindly helped us with the set up for creating the time lapse film.

You can see it here:

I must admit, this project is a personal favourite of mine.
Maybe it is because the final finished piece turned out so beautiful.

Usually, a secret club's projects and events are predominantly about the "process" of collaborative play, about the experience of being there and about making memories, often involving souvenirs.

This time, there was nothing to take home for people, just playing and being part of the process.
Many people, adults and children alike, contributed to building Castles in the Sky and sometimes came back a second time to see how much it had grown and changed over the week.

A big thanks to all the amazing sky-architects for making this event happen!

a secret club hats
A secret club hats, designed for the occasion