Saturday, 1 December 2012

November in Horsens

horse and tree
One can find horses here in many forms and places. This one was at a bus stop for a very long time, it seems. I hope the sticker won't get replaced, I love how it is worn and faded.

the writing on the wall
There is some interesting street art, sometimes in hidden places and sometimes one can find beauty by just looking up and discovering old neon letter shapes next to a set of parallel running drain pipes.

Bering Hus
Bering Hus has this beautiful ornament on front with a pair of dangerous looking polar bears and an impressive sailing ship, telling stories of Horsens' famous son, the adventurer Vitus Bering.

horse and gate
Another horse crest, found on a wall and an old door at no.16.

on a wall
Mysterious white writing on a white wall.

trees in colour
Around the art museum in Horsens there is a nice little park. It was a lovely November afternoon and the trees showed their colours against the grey overcast sky. Autumn is just so very beautiful sometimes!

tree and water tower
Nearby there is an old water tower with quaint snail sculptures sitting high up on a ledge, which you can see in the close-up below.

snail and giant

tree patterns
That was it, my day in Horsens. Of course there is more to see, than misty trees, but they were very fine specimens indeed.

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