Sunday, 30 December 2012

My Winter Wonderland

My friend Sneaky Raccoon had kindly invited me to take part in a show she was to organize and curate, called "Sneaky Snow Ball". The exhibition was held at the Kidrobot store in London and took place from 30th November to 2nd December.

Thinking about what artwork I could create for this show (I knew that there were going to be many toy customs there), I felt like doing something different.
So I came up with the idea, that one could have fun with a DIY kit to create your very own Winter Wonderland with a twist.

Winter Wonderland inclosed

This is what I made. I used one of those slightly larger matchboxes as a container.

Winter Wonderland DIY kit

When you pull out the little drawer, this is what you'll find inside.
All parts are numbered for easy assemblage of the tiny landscape.

here comes the giant hare

Here comes the giant hare...

Annabelle's Winter Wonderland

Silently he sits outside a little red cabin in the snowy winter forest...

It was fun to make this and I think I would like to make some more miniature landscapes.
I later found out that my artwork didn't sell at the show, but I am not unhappy about it.
There is no more snow outside and how nice it will be to carry my own Winter Wonderland around in my pocket for a while!

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