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A secret club proudly presents: The Great Animated Breakfast Matinée

On 14th October, a secret club transformed an ordinary Sunday into a perfect childhood Sunday morning at Øst for Paradis  in Aarhus, Denmark.
the programme (cover)
happy doodling 

Breakfast was waiting at the café's counter and amazing concoctions of moreish chocolaty and sugary delights were munched up by a happy family crowd, before we showed a programme of some truly amazing animations about singing clouds, things from Star Wars, lonely robots, magic light bulbs and racing rabbits.

the naughty breakfast buffet
mountains of yumminess 


Following is a secret club's programme of hand-picked animations, which were shown on the day.
A great Thanks! goes out to all the extraordinarily talented animators, who contributed to this programme of pure viewing pleasure.

a programme of fabulous animations
the movies have started

After the movies, it was time to play and experiment with making your own movies in one of the workshops a secret club had set up in the café at Øst for Paradis: ZoetropiaThe Illusion Exchange and Cake-Animation

If you visited Zoetropia, you could make movies with a secret club's quietly humming pram zoetrope. Anders and Line were there to help you along and make your hand drawn creations come to life.

Have a look here and see what participants made on the day:

The Illusion Exchange made your eyes see things that weren't really there.

Illusion Exchange sign

Illusionsudveksling / The Illusion Exchange
Katrina and Anders with some of our younger workshop participants.

brilliant landscape thaumatrope

Here you can see a small selection of the thaumatropes made by kids and adults in the workshop:

In the Cake-Animation workshop you could build a cake with me bit by bit, layer by layer and help a set of fake teeth eat it, while every step was being recorded on camera. 

Kage-nimation/ Cake Animation

This was also turned into a short animation after the event, which you can watch here:

On the day, a secret club also proudly presented The World's Smallest Cinema for the very first time in Aarhus.

The World's Smallest Cinema

Here, you could have Row 1 all to yourself and see a brilliant silent short, while stuffing your face with buckets of miniature popcorn!

The World's Smallest Cinema and a secret club's founders

miniature popcorn aftermath

A secret club would like to thank The Danish Film Institute and Børnekulturpuljen, who very kindly funded this event. 

We also would like to thank our helpers: Katrina, Michelle, Esben, Line and Anders for their brilliant support and hard work on the day. Of course also many thanks go to Øst for Paradis for collaborating with us again, their great staff and to all the lovely people who came to enjoy this very special Sunday and play with us!

There is more information about this event here and here and here.

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