Sunday, 30 December 2012

A secret club opens pop-up gallery

A secret club opens pop-up gallery

We have been wanting to do this for a little while and finally the opportunity presented itself at the beginning of December! A secret club temporarily moved into Frederiksgade 50 (previously a pet shop) in Aarhus, and set up its first pop-up gallery.

beautiful mountains

From Saturday 8th to Tuesday 11th December a secret club's gallery showcased a fantastic project collaboration, Super Duper Nova.
28 amazing national and international artists, illustrators and designers that we care a lot for have sent each other bits and bobs - old cuttings, stamps, bits of string and so on. From the materials they've received, each artist has created a collage on the theme "stars".

Super Duper Nova (2)

Super Duper Nova (1)

All artwork (and more) was for sale.
You can still see digital versions of the artwork here and get info on the artwork, too.

Super Duper Nova austronauts

Many thanks to chaos pilot Daniel Walsh for collaborating with us! 

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