Wednesday, 7 November 2012

A secret club opens "The Museum of Peculiar Things"

The Museum of Peculiar Things (in Danish: Museet for Særlige Ting), the first of its kind, opened its doors in September, here in Aarhus, Denmark.

Using a range of groundbreaking techniques, a secret club has created an extremely small, yet exquisitely particular museum, full to the brim with fantastic objects from the worlds of Arts, Science and Magic. 

The Museum of Peculiar Things

curious visitors form a queue

young visitors at the museum

The museum works by inserting tokens (sold by a friendly member of staff from the portable museum shop) into the compact museum-automat, after which a single extraordinary rare exhibit is specifically chosen and displayed to the individual visitor. This remarkably condenses the museum visit and the visitor is allowed to give the display his or her undivided attention. 

museum and museum shop

the tokens

A visit to a secret club's Museum of Peculiar Things costs only 10 Danish crowns and the chances of getting hold of a particularly peculiar souvenirs are extremely good.

a visitor to the museum receives his souvenir

Hope to see you there next time!
You can find more info here  and here more photos here.

This project was a lot of fun to develop and Kenn and I are sticklers for detail.
Here are a few of my sketchbook pages, where I experimented with ideas and developed parts of the concept.

from my sketchbook (4)

from my sketchbook (3)

from my sketchbook (5)

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