Monday, 25 June 2012

Sketchbooks: Trees

sketchbook cover

My friend Maria Raymondsdotter gave me this little notebook. I love the quality of the paper with its yellow tinge. It reminds me of our time at Kingston, when we were hunting for paper just like this to draw on. Not knowing what I wanted to use it for, as it had to be worthy of it, I have kept it for years.

When Kenn and I went to the beautiful Rold Skov to stalk foxes in the forest, hear the raindrops on our tent at night and warm ourselves up with steaming hot porridge at dawn, I had decided this was the time to take the little notebook with me.

I filled it with drawings of trees.
I am in awe of trees since childhood. They last longer than us, if we let them. These giants are the ultimate witnesses of history and Rold Skov has a special magic about it with its beautiful, gnarled troll trees, that each seem to have their very own personality.

troll tree
Troll Tree

one more troll tree
One More Troll Tree


In The Thicket

thin giants
Amongst Thin Giants

weaving branches
Weaving Branches

looking close
Looking Close

mushrooms grow on trees
Mushrooms Grow On Trees

the worms leave their trails
The Worms Leave Their Trails

each ring a year
Each Ring A Year

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