Monday, 4 June 2012

Robots, Aliens and Rocketships

Robots, Aliens and Rocketships

In March, the Ole Rømer Observatory was invaded by alien, creative beings, which were invited by a secret club to join in an intergalactic afternoon of astronomical play.

You could make your own dimension twister, invent new star constellations or decide whether you are siding with aliens or robots and make a mask to fit. Simultaneously, collages made by artists from all over the planet were on show and the place was humming and shivering with an outlandish atmosphere.

Entry was free, but to join in the workshops it did cost you a few Nauts. You could exchange your Danish earthly Crowns into a secret club's Astronauts and Kosmonauts with the cosmic Bank-o-Mat.

outside the observatory
The Ole Rømer Observatory in Aarhus, Denmark

friendly robot
Friendly Robot

inside the observatory
Starry Mountains (left) and Local scientist searching the sky (right)

Star constellation workshop
Invent your own star constellation
Invent your own Star Constellation workshop with Katrina Wiberg

intergallactic space traveller
Intergallactic space traveller

Give me more buttons
A participant is reconfiguring the friendly robot with a push of a button 

Dimension twister expert and mysterious bank clerk
The Dimension Twister expert and Clare Voyant, the director of cosmic monetary interchange 

Change your Danish earthly Crowns into Kosmonauts and Astronauts

Nautomatisk Bankomat
A secret club's Nautomatic Bank-o-Mat (left) and Ole Rømer himself peeking in (right)

Dimension twister workshop
Dimension twister workshop
Dimension Twister workshop with Jane Kloster

Alien vs Robot workshop
Alien vs Robot workshop
Intergallactic space traveller meets young alien
Robots vs Aliens
Robot vs Alien mask making workshop with me

Super Duper Nova
Super Duper Nova, an exhibition of collages on the theme of "Stars"

Eat me
Eat me! - shooting star cookies baked by the lovely Sabrina Borg

photographs by a secret club, Nikolaj Knudsen, Sabrina Borg and Line Kristensen

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