Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Perleplade Marmelade

On the first weekend in June, a secret club had cooked up some deliciously colourful Hama-Bead-Marmalade at our favourite tiny coffee shop called Street Coffee, in Vestergade, Aarhus, Denmark.
For this event we had specially retooled the Fantastic Automatic Aut-o-Mat to spit out Hama bead challenges to the people who dared to take them!

Perleplade Marmelade in full swing
A secret club outside Street Coffee in Vestergade

Perleplade Marmelade

In preparation, I had hand lettered a poster, which we had fixed on our newly built A-frame.
The text reads translated from Danish into English: 
"Take the Hama bead challenge with our Fantastic Automatic Aut-o-Mat for just 10 crowns. Solve the challenge and you will become a happier and more beautiful person. Inside, you can play our special Hama bead games completely free, while you are sitting and sipping (your coffee)."

Hama bead sudoku
Participants are having a go at a more difficult Hama bead sudoku.

Perleplade Marmelade sign 1
Looking out on Vestergade through a secret club's Perleplade Marmelade sign

Upon inserting a 10 crown coin into the Fantastic Automatic Aut-o-Mat, a number of beads and a task where issued. When you had finished the challenge, the beads were ironed to stick together and a pin was attached so that the proud maker could wear his or her creation.

Give me another bead challenge!
Freda is looking for another bead challenge from a secret club's Fantastic Automatic Aut-o-Mat

H-bead challenge and a secret club's banner
Kenn and a participant working on mastering a bead challenge

Hama bead challenge 2
Some examples of possible challenges: Something that can fly, a medal, a monster, a robot, ...

glow-in-the-dark robot
A fine glow-in-the-dark robot made by a young participants

Inside the coffee shop, those who'd rather play a game could try themselves at our Hama bead versions of Tic Tac Toe or solve a Hama Bead Sudoku if you'd rather played alone while sipping your coffee or hot chocolate.

happy punters 2
Happy people showing off their mystic signs

Jonas and Corinna
Jonas is getting the look with the beady eye glasses

a secret club with Katrina
Katrina and myself with our finest beady feather headpieces

Take one!
Take One! - This was a secret club's calling card of the day.

This event was funded by Børnekulturpuljen and sponsored by Hama.
All photos by Nikolaj Knudsen and a secret club


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    1. Hi, thanks! There are more projects, events and workshops to see on a secret club's website (schhhh.org) and the facebook page (facebook.com/schhhh.org).
      Maybe you can come to our next event? :)

  2. This is what I like so much about bloging. Every now and then you come across something very specail. Your art the creativity of your world is amazing. Fantastic!!