Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Stykker af Stumper/Pieces of Bits

Inspired by the collaborative project Super Duper Nova (see previous post),
a secret club also organised a collage workshop, called Stykker af Stumper at the cinema,
Øst for Paradis on the 29th January.

Stykker af Stumper workshop (11)

We took our magical automatic automat along with us (see above!), which on this occasion transformed into an automatic collage-material-vending machine.

Stykker af Stumper workshop (8)

Participants could purchase bits of collage material for 1DKK a piece and got going on making their very own artwork!

Stykker af Stumper workshop (2)

There was a competition, too, and the lucky winner received one of the artists' collages from the Super Duper Nova show.

Stykker af Stumper workshop (7)

Participants made some lovely collages - making good use of the random bits and pieces they got from the automatic automat.

We have put together an online gallery for all the artwork, people have created in the workshop. You can see it here on a secret club's website.

Stykker af Stumper workshop (4)

The collage materials people were working with, were an eclectic mix of picture clippings, text elements, postage stamps, pieces of patterned paper, e.g. the insides of envelopes, small stickers, parts of packaging, origami paper, stencils and lots, lots more.

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