Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Stykker af Stumper/Pieces of Bits

Inspired by the collaborative project Super Duper Nova (see previous post),
a secret club also organised a collage workshop, called Stykker af Stumper at the cinema,
Øst for Paradis on the 29th January.

Stykker af Stumper workshop (11)

We took our magical automatic automat along with us (see above!), which on this occasion transformed into an automatic collage-material-vending machine.

Stykker af Stumper workshop (8)

Participants could purchase bits of collage material for 1DKK a piece and got going on making their very own artwork!

Stykker af Stumper workshop (2)

There was a competition, too, and the lucky winner received one of the artists' collages from the Super Duper Nova show.

Stykker af Stumper workshop (7)

Participants made some lovely collages - making good use of the random bits and pieces they got from the automatic automat.

We have put together an online gallery for all the artwork, people have created in the workshop. You can see it here on a secret club's website.

Stykker af Stumper workshop (4)

The collage materials people were working with, were an eclectic mix of picture clippings, text elements, postage stamps, pieces of patterned paper, e.g. the insides of envelopes, small stickers, parts of packaging, origami paper, stencils and lots, lots more.

Super Duper Nova

For a while now, a secret club wanted to do a project that would bring together a bigger group of artists, designers and illustrators.

To collaborate with others is a lot of fun, especially when everybody gets so excited!
So a secret club invited 26 international artists, designers and illustrators we know to play with us and take part in a collage challenge.

Artworks from the Super Duper Nova show:

Super Duper Nova collages
Marlow Meteorite by Yumi Okuda
Freaking Shining by Ponga Huang
Thursday Night Assembly by Melanie Williams

The Super Duper Nova show at the cinema, Øst for Paradis in Aarhus, Denmark:

Super Duper Nova

We asked each collaborator to pick and choose 6 to 8 pieces of collage material and send it to us. Once we had received all these lovely bits and pieces, we matched creatives up for a swap and redistributed materials.
Everybody was asked to stick to the rules, which weren't that many really, only three!

1. The collage had to based on the theme "Stars".
Participants could develop ideas in any kind of direction, but had to turn around when they got to celebrities or astrology. No celebrities, because there's enough of that already and no astrology because we intended to show the finished artworks at an observatory and astronomers take stars very seriously and so do we!

2. The format was also restricted, collages shouldn't exceed a maximum of 18 x 21 cm and a depth of 3 mm.

3. The most important rule:
Participants were free to add their own elements to their collage, but at least 75% of the final collage had to be made out of the stuff they had received from a secret club.

Super Duper Nova collages
A Physical Map of Ireland, with vacuum between by Anna Walsh
What a Beautiful Waste of Talent by Sabrina Borg
Lost in The Stars by Eerika Omiyale

What I loved was that we got talking to people all over the world. In the end we received artworks from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, France, Spain, Great Britain, the USA, South Africa and Japan!

The fantastically diverse artworks were displayed at the cinema, Øst for Paradis (January and February) and at the Ole Rømer Observatory (March) in Aarhus, Denmark. You can see all artworks and buy from here.

Super Duper Nova zine
Super Duper Nova zine with individually different covers

To accompany the show, a secret club made the Super Duper Nova zine.
It showcases all artworks and you can see who took part, who got matched up with whom and what some of the raw materials were that the artists, designers and illustrators received.
There are only a few zines left! You can buy them here.

Here are a few spreads from inside the Super Duper Nova zine:

zine spread
Stop Time to Think by myself (left) and Some of Us Came Back Alien by Kenn Munk (right)

Super Duper Nova zine
General Magnus by Maria Raymondsdotter

Super Duper Nova zine
Reflection by Phuc Van Dang (left) and Darth by Aithche Smyth (right)

Super Duper Nova zine
7 AM cheese t.v. by Masaki Miwa