Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Medal making fun with a secret club

This September, at the Aarhus Festuge - the city's annual festival-
a secret club was commissioned to hold its famous medal making/faking workshop at the Tivoli on family sunday.

The workshop took place outside all day and to be protected from the elements a bit, for the first time, we used our own tent, which was of course embellished with our very own en hemmelig klub (a secret club) sign and customized bunting. I had even sewn a large banner in matching colours!

The lovely Jane Kloster had joined a secret club for this event, and together we trained and assisted many kids and grown ups in medal making and faking.

In the morning, we had neatly laid out all workshop materials on a side table, but as the day wore on, it got so busy and just look at our table!
Coloured pieces of paper were everywhere, stencils were passed on from one child to the next, one had to dig to find our little treasure chest with the coins and even the miracle coin polish got tipped over twice...

It was great fun! At times we even had to ask people to come back in a little while, because there were no seats left.

Once a medal was completed, the participants could use our magnificent lie generator and roll Kenn's fabulous dice with symbols to come up with a tall tale of glory and honour to match their colourful creations.

Here are some of our proud medallists!

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