Friday, 30 December 2011

The extra-extra-ordinary pet boutique

This is one of a secret club's workshops, I shouldn't forget to write about.

The extra-extra-ordinary pet boutique or den extra-extra-ordinære kæledyrsbutik as we called it in Danish, was a workshop a secret club was commissioned to develop for Aarhus Kommune Biblioteker, the city's libraries.

This paper based workshop was developed and designed for young children aged 5 to 11 and was held at the libraries at Åby and Skødstrup in September this year.

To get started, participating kids chose from our many templates to construct an animal mask that presented an amalgamation of all the features of all the animals they ever would have liked to have as a pet, if they could.

the face changer and other templates

One could combine the templates together in many different ways, so the possibilities to create rare, wonderfully strange, dangerous, funny and disarmingly charming pets were endless!

Here you can see our workshop at Skødstrup library, which was one of the nicest libraries I have ever been to.
Jane Kloster had joined a secret club for this event and all together we got going and created some amazing pet masks with the children and sometimes also their parents.

two related beasts show off their extra-ordinary fine ears

bits and pieces with potential

We repeated the workshop at the library in Åby, where some of the friends of a secret club returned.

You can see one of them here with Kenn! As it turned out, he was as in fact fast as lightning and it was hard to catch a glimpse of him - a wild little creature!
He had a broad winning smile and apparently asked to have some bum feathers too ;)

Antlors and horns of different types proved to be quite popular as well as super long floppy ears and sometimes excessive amounts of fur was asked for!

One could choose between black or white paper as a base for the mask and then pick from a wide range of coloured pieces of papers to cut out and add noses, whiskers, spots and stripes and more.

At the end of the afternoon, parents and their favourite pets left us, they seemed happy for having had the opportunity to play!

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