Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Bernadette Belvedere...

... and the Tales from the Sneaky Crypt.

May I present to you, Bernadette Belvedere (aka Bernie), eccentric bon-vivant of Baton Rouge, who will be remembered and sadly missed as a bat extraordinaire.
It is said, that she tragically collided in flight with a chandelier after having lost her voice of sonar brilliance due to extensive, prolonged and uninterrupted singing at the Duke of Battington's 86th birthday pary.
She is survived by a battalion of befuddled nieces and nephews who discovered after her death, that Bernie had squandered away billions of baht left by her departed husband Bartholomew Belvedere (the late owner of Belvedere Batter Factory) on hosting lavish parties and entertaining her bohemian artist friends.

This was my sculpture for Sneaky Raccoon's Halloween Show, Tales from the Sneaky Crypt, held at the kidrobot store in London.
As I found out later, it was snapped up fairly quickly by an avid collector. This made me very happy, also because the profits went to charity (Macmillan Cancer Support).

Thanks Sneaky for inviting me to take part in the show!

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