Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Port Eliot - remembering last summer!

Recently, our friend Helen visited us.
We met her through the House of Fairy Tales last year and it made me think about the great time we had traveling with them last July to Port Eliot Festival.This literary festival was on from 23rd to 25th July 2010 and held in the grounds of the Earl of St Germans Cornish estate at Port Eliot in Cornwall.

Not being one of the most fervent of festival goers myself, I must say, this was the most original and enjoyable festival I have ever been to.

House of Fairy Tales - Port Eliot 2010 video from RustyGray on Vimeo.

It offered art, music, poetry, film, comedy and very good food, had a lovely chilled out atmosphere, a breathtakingly beautiful setting and attracted a slightly more bohemian crowd of all ages.

At the time I was 5 months pregnant and going outside my comfort zone and camping out in a tent had slightly worried me, but a good air mattress and a power shower in the morning does wonders!
The other remarkable thing that really impressed me was that it was also the cleanest festival I have ever experienced! Each morning the rubbish had been cleared away, which made each day as fun as the one before, although it had started with typical festival weather - rain, and I had forgotten to bring my wellies!

At Port Eliot we had joined and set up camp with the House of Fairy Tales' wonderful traveling art circus. A secret club held a make/fake medals workshop, with slightly subversive undertones. Why subversive? -

Well, an ingenious passport concept of the House of Fairy Tales actively engage and complete tasks to a point system that eventually earns the participating child badges and eventually a medal. Our workshop's task was to help kids fake their own medals, however, they spent considerable time and effort on the making part, so they definitely did earn them!

Medals were made with our very own stencil templates, using coloured paper and children could choose a real coin (of discontinued currency), to polish and place in the centre. (We had mixed a special environmentally friendly polish containing lemon juice and vinegar.)

A secret club workshops focus on collaborative play as part of a learning experience that teaches important social and creative skills benefitting grown-ups and children alike. Furthermore we are highly experienced in use play as part of communication. See more here!