Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Things I have seen in April

I am enjoying the beginning of spring in Denmark!
On a recent walk to Mindeparken in Aarhus, I took some photographs of nature awakening after what seemed like a very long winter - but I guess I say that every year, when spring finally arrives!
The colour green is never as vivid and lush looking as in early spring and it makes me happy.

blooming trees

Havreballe Skov

There are lots of anemona sylvestris growing on the forest floor. It's so beautiful!


Marselisborg Slot is nearby, which is the Queen's palace in Aarhus.
She is here for Easter, that's why the entrance is guarded. The guard looked awfully young and rather bored. Poor guy, he is walking 5 meters and then turns to walk those 5 meters again and again and again, back and forth. I am sure the day must feel like an eternity to him. The gate itself has some impressive forged iron roses - fit for a queen.

Marselisborg Slot

guarding the entrance of Marselisborg Slot

On my walk I also took a couple of photographs which I later turned black and white.
Although they don't look so much like spring anymore, they have their very own sense of drama, I think.

the entrance to Mindeparken

These crippled trees look like torches or gnarly fingers reaching up to the sky.

trees in Mindeparken

Naturally symmetrical forms in the park,

black bird in a tree

a song high up,

rose bush

a thicket of thorns,

grown and man-made

and finally man-made and naturally grown structures.

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