Wednesday, 20 April 2011

A storm in your hand - Okido magazine, April issue

Hi again,
last month a secret club has been working on a feature for Okido's April issue, which is of course about the weather!

We have been thinking long and hard and finally decided on creating a DIY paper kit whirligig for the young readers, called A storm in your hand.

For a long time I have had an interest in folk and also outsider art.
There is a brilliant book called American Vernacular, which sits on my book shelf and is full of amazing and inspiring things, like hand carved wooden dolls and strange animals and other mechanical contraptions and of course there are some whirligigs!

Whirligigs are rather fabulous, really, as life is literally breathed into them as soon as there is a little breeze going.
For a long time Kenn and I wanted to make a whirligig and the idea for Okido magazine's weather issue was to make one that can be carried in one's hand and be played with on the go.

Below you can see some pictures of work-in-progress in my sketchbook:

Work-in-progress: my sketchbook

working on the clouds

Work-in-progress: my sketchbook

good and bad weather clouds

Work-in-progress: my sketchbook

the ship-fish /fish-ship and instruction drawings

Work-in-progress: The final layout

Kenn does a great layout!

Work-ín-progress: Let's cut it out!

Let's cut it out! I love the negative space that is left after all the important bits are cut out.

a secret club: DIY whirligig

The finished whirligig by a secret club - front and back. Now get yourself the brand new Okido April issue, have fun and make yourself your very own whirligig!! :)

See it in action here:

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