Sunday, 2 January 2011

Spin a Yarn - remembering last June!

Unbelievably, but true, I am still catching up with documenting art events, that I have done in collaboration with Kenn Munk last year under our newly formed a secret club.
The one I want to tell about here and now, took place on 26th June 2010 at the South London Gallery and the Sceaux Gardens Estate behind it.

We were commissioned by the House of Fairy Tales and the South London Gallery to think up and develop an outdoor event for children, that involved 'play' and was meant to be based on the theme of 'string' to tie in with an ongoing artist-in-residency scheme at the time.

As Kenn and I are both very interested in storytelling in all its forms, we came up with this event:

By following twisted chords of brightly coloured wool, participants were making their way through a small park area to explore and create their own storylines. Instructions given by the Collectress and the ParKing helped participants to spot signs, discover objects and solve riddles, have conversations with the Rabbit People and get involved in other fun stuff to do, e.g. joining a wild tribe or making jumpy things.

We made lots of hand-painted signs to put up in the little park behind the gallery...

giving directions and instructions to the participating children.

Each story 'found' is different and unique and at the end is told to the Collectress, who swaps intriguing objects for a good yarn!

Kenn and I got a small group of artists on board to realize this event:
Melanie and Tessa Williams who made lovely jumpy things with the kids, Sarah Snaith who painted happiness on little faces, Pernille Hanibal who painted signs and offered a helping hand to participants along the story telling track, Aithche Smythe who made some great mirror props, Masaki Miwa who helped with tribe regalia and John Baker and friends, who made some noise with anyone who dared.

Thanks guys for making it a very special day!

The End!

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