Tuesday, 27 July 2010

The Enchanted Palace - an update

Finally, I am getting around to report on the Enchanted Palace show at Kensington Place, London, in which my artwork is featured.
The show opened all the way back in March this year, on Friday 26th March 2010 to be precise.

Enchanted Palace flyer

This is the gorgeous image that was produced for the official flyer (not by me!).
More information on:
The Enchanted Palace

Until early 2012, the historic State Apartments at the palace are imaginatively transformed, offering a magical array of art and fashion installations by Vivienne Westwood, William Tempest, Stephen Jones, Boudicca, Aminaka Wilmont and Echo Morgan, with performance art by Wildworks.

My artwork is included in the Cabinet of Curiosities, curated by Echo Morgan.
Echo kindly invited me to contribute to her fabulous cabinet along with a host of other artists and designers.
Thanks Echo for thinking of me, it has been a lot of fun!!!

The Seven Ages of Victoria

I have created three pieces of artwork.

This one is called The Seven Ages Of Victoria.
The underlying concept is inspired by ʻThe Seven Ages of Manʼ by William Shakespeare. Each of the seven small glass bottles contains the ʻessenceʼ of a key episode or event in Queen Victoriaʼs life, with the entire series representing her lifeʼs journey from childhood to her Golden Jubilee.
The different visual elements and objects displayed inside or with each bottle act as metaphors to invoke a notion of remembrance of a truly remarkable woman.

The Seven Ages of Victoria
The titles of the individual items in this piece are:

No.1: Teasing Canaries
No.2: A System of Loneliness
No.3: More than an Idea
No.4: Love of a Life
No.5: The Greatest
No.6: Dark is Worn
No.7: Jubilee

Here are also a few pictures, taken when installing the artwork:

work-in-progress 3
The Cabinet of Curiosities
work-in-progress 5

My second piece of artwork is called In The Woods.

This piece is inspired by a personal childhood memory of looking for mushrooms with my father. It is part of a larger body of works exploring storytelling through the use of visual metaphor to communicate an uncanny chemistry of associations to the viewer. On the one hand, I used to hugely enjoy the exclusive quality time with my father on our forest excursions. On the other hand, I also always experienced the creeping fear of getting lost or being left behind to fight for myself like Hänsel and Gretel in the Brothers Grimm fairytale.

Our memories are often distorted and in part fictional, but nevertheless form our identity and ʻhistoryʼ of us as an individual. The artwork plays on a notion of the Victorian age with its taste for dark and wonderous storytelling.

In the Woods

work-in-progress 7
tree props

And finally the third piece I made, which is titled Canaries.

This piece is a painted portrait of the young princess Victoria.
It is said that she enjoyed teasing the canaries.

Photographs by Kenn Munk and Annabelle Hartmann.