Sunday, 14 February 2010

More about the Rabbit People...

This is a close-up of Stella.
She is one of the Rabbit People I am exhibiting at G40 The Summit in March 2010 in the USA.
Below you can see what happens if you pull the string of this "jumping jack" character I have made.

Stella jumps!

Here you can also see Stella's friend, Oscar.

Oscar seems a bit shy.
But if you pull the string ...

...he says "hi"!

Come and see them in real life at:

For more information on the show, go to:

The Rabbit People and I

Saturday, 13 February 2010

The Rabbit People

I have been working on a new project, The Rabbit People.
They have been appearing in my sketchbook and have occupied my mind ever since. Whenever I looked inside my little notebook, there were more until they had turned into a small population.

from my sketchbook

Last week, I decided that the Rabbit People needed to come out of the sketchbook, space was getting crowded for them.
I experimented with turning the drawn characters into something more three-dimensional, hoping to breathe more life into them.

I cut stencils from paper (and later from cardboard) with the plan to put these together to create a series of "jumping jacks".
Initially, I wanted to stick to the concept of the traditional jumping jack toy, where when pulling on a string both, arms and legs of the character wiggle about. But as I was developing my ideas further, I decided to "animate" my rabbit people only in part. This strengthened the individuality of each rabbit character, each one having his/her own "personality".
The photographs below, show some of my work-in-progress.


to be continued...

Things I've seen in February...

The handmade food café in Blackheath is lovely to sit in on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.
I sometimes go there to sketch. Last time, I tried a delicious beetroot-cellery-apple juice, which was also intensely magenta! I really like this colour combination: pink and yellow -
it makes me think of spring.
And then there was the Totoro bun! Almost too cute to eat - it made me remember the Japanese animé My neighbour Totoro (Hayao Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli/1988), which I like a lot.

Walking in Hackney last Wednesday, I saw this wild horse high up on the facade of a house. Things like this shadow of a tree makes me want to draw more!

Winter in Århus

In December last year I spent some time in Århus, Denmark.
There was lots of snow, which made me very happy!

Snow Rabbit Day!! Kenn and I met Mr Rabbit in the garden, who told us that there is no such thing as snowmen:)

While in Denmark, I took only few photos, which I regret now, because it was a truly beautiful trip.

at the beach at Kålø

a lonely tree, also at Kålø

in the forest (Kålø)

seagulls at the coast (Egå)

Kenn Munk took the next two photos.

Blue skies over the bird estate

Humpback Gunship by Benjamin Gilbert
I love this amazing sculpture by the Australian artist. It is installed near the Aros art museum in Århus.