Monday, 20 December 2010

From a secret club's Advent calendar

Here is some of the artwork, I have created for a secret club's Advent calendar.
Kenn and I exchanged envelopes with collage materials each Advent Sunday before Christmas.
The challenge was that we both had to create an illustration with the given elements.

You can see my first collage the 'Lion Man' below and the little Santa's hat that Kenn and I created as a downloadable do-it-yourself kit for door number 6 of the Advent calendar.

There is also a photograph of our fire place, that I have decorated for Christmas and also my collage from the second Advent collage challenge, 'Big Bear', below.

Kenn and I had a lot of fun making images and thinking of stories and things to add to our Advent calendar.
Of the images I created, I am particularly pleased with the one on the left below. Ages ago, I had bought a picture frame in Denmark and it had a photo of an unknown, but very charming looking granny in it. Of course I kept it. Together with a few other things thrown in, its intention is to tell a 'story' about delicious food, enjoyed with the family at Christmas.

Finally, on the last Sunday before Christmas, I made the illustration on the right. From the bits and pieces I was given in my collage envelope, I imagined what 'daydreaming' could look like... I guess, standing on a table does have the potential to change one's perspective somewhat. Something to be tried more often!

Happy Christmas!

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Enjoy Advent with us!

A secret club has a rather special Advent calendar online.

Yes, it is the 12th December today, but if you haven't found our Advent calendar yet, then here is your chance to check it out and find and open 12 small doors in one go! There will be new things to discover and play with every day, right up to Christmas!

a secret club - advent

Saturday, 11 December 2010

This Sunday, 12th December 2010: beard up

Kenn Munk and I have formed a secret club for our creative explorations and collaborations. Check out a secret club's website:
There, in true Christmas spirit, we have also created our own special Advent calendar that you can explore day by day. Check it out!

But more about Beard Up now. This is a Santa Style beard workshop, that will be hosted by a secret club at Hanbury Hall, 22 Hanbury Street, London E1 6QR (opposite Sunday Up Market & The Old Truman Brewery).
It is part of the Garudio Studiage Christmas Extravaganza that will definitely get you into the festive mood, if you are not already in it!

A secret club has been busy preparing... Here you can see the Santa Style beard templates that we will be using in the workshop... santa beard templates

and also the extra special and absolutely free a secret club paper bags. bags