Saturday, 20 March 2010

The Artic brings permafrost to Okido!

On Saturday 13th March, Okido hosted our popular mask making workshop The Artic.
Kenn Munk and I transformed their shop in Brixton Market with icicles, snow flakes and frozen mountains into a frosty landscape - on the inside and out!

In our creative workshop, kids and adults could "grow" impressive explorer beards in no time or turn into friendly and sometimes fiercely growling polar bears.
It was a busy afternoon with lots of friendly people, enjoying being imaginative together for a couple of hours...

Many thanks to everyone at Okido for having us and for creating such a wonderful and relaxed atmosphere and providing us with delicious coffee!!

And of course a big THANKS! to all our adventurous participants for the fantastic artwork they created and the good conversations we had while making masks and flags with us - it has been a super day!

This is Kenn Munk and I in action helping kids cutting templates and talking about ideas and dishing colour markers out.
Here are also some of the amazing flags that claimed some of the highest icy mountain peeks...

... adventurous explorers have left their mark!

Photos by Kenn Munk and Erik Ekengren

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