Saturday, 13 February 2010

The Rabbit People

I have been working on a new project, The Rabbit People.
They have been appearing in my sketchbook and have occupied my mind ever since. Whenever I looked inside my little notebook, there were more until they had turned into a small population.

from my sketchbook

Last week, I decided that the Rabbit People needed to come out of the sketchbook, space was getting crowded for them.
I experimented with turning the drawn characters into something more three-dimensional, hoping to breathe more life into them.

I cut stencils from paper (and later from cardboard) with the plan to put these together to create a series of "jumping jacks".
Initially, I wanted to stick to the concept of the traditional jumping jack toy, where when pulling on a string both, arms and legs of the character wiggle about. But as I was developing my ideas further, I decided to "animate" my rabbit people only in part. This strengthened the individuality of each rabbit character, each one having his/her own "personality".
The photographs below, show some of my work-in-progress.


to be continued...

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