Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Symmetrical thoughts

Thinking about symmetry, asymmetry, dissymmetry, antisymmetry...

Researching, I find out that we assume symmetry is natural,
yet perfect symmetry doesn't really exist anywhere in the world.
A freckle on a face is proving dissymmetry!

Symmetry creates harmony and stability in images and objects,
because redundancy establishes predictability, we quickly accept
what we see as belonging to our universe of familiar objects.
Interest is established by breaking symmetry in subtle ways,
which requires more attention by the viewer.

This is part of on ongoing project.
To be continued...

Friday, 2 January 2009

New Year's Day out!

On New Year's Day Kenn and me and 24.998 other people decided to go to Kew Gardens!
The journey there was a bit tedious: walking to station, train to another station, change trains, changing to rail replacement bus at other station, changing to different train yet again, walking,...
Looking low
but then we were there!
Looking up!
It was worth it, although the queue for the treetop walkway was far too long. We decided to skip it.
A robin on the inside!
Inside the greenhouse was another one we could explore, and Little Robin says hi!

Happy New Year 2009!

New Year's eve Kenn and me went for a midnight picnic on Blackheath.
Champagne, chicken salad and tuna bagels were yummy in the cold and we were surrounded by fireworks and strange flying objects in the sky, which turned out to be miniature hot air balloons! This year's resolution: Be brave!!!
Happy New Year 2009!