Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The Private View with 650

The PV of the Pause... Show 2009 was a real success. 650 people came through the door and checked it out!
All evening I spent talking to people pretty much standing in the same spot, with 1 step to the right or left occasionally.
It was a great night!

As usual I was talking a lot with my hands, like here with Sneaky Racoon and partner.

I didn't get to take any pictures on the PV night, but thankfully my friends helped me out.

Stories of Adventure

This is one of the 2D pieces of artwork, I created in conjunction with my shrines.
Initially, I had made a small shrine in a book, by carving into the pages to represent a childhood memory about my grandmother.
Later, I created this collage based on the same story. In the end I preferred this piece. The picture frame is made from skirting board I found.

I managed to take a photo of 'my wall' in the show, just before it all got going and the doors opened for the Private View.

This is the table of reports, just opposite of my show space. My final report had over 21.000 words!
I love writing, clearly... Mine is the blue one in the bottom right hand corner.
In the background is Monika's lovely calligraphy work.

Three of my shrines:
The Sky is full of Birds (1), Papersounds and My Animal Friends (3).

from left to right: Rae, a friend and Adi.

The Sky is full of Birds (2)

This picture frame again I have made from found bits of skirting board and then varnished it with England's favourite: 'Magnolia' shade of gloss paint.
The artwork shows a tiny cut-out silhouette of a bird.

Two of my smaller shrines: In the Woods (2) and Fridays
I made the table top with help from Peter and Andy. The 'foot' I found in the streets. Dripping paint gave it the finishing touches.

I got a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Sieun and Erik! Thanks guys! And sorry I lost the card:(

Visitors to the show could 'build their own catalogue'. All artists had postcards printed. So people could pick their favourites and take them away in an envelope.

This is a piece of work by the very talented metal work designer Adi Toch.
She had a series of vessels on show, but this is my favourite. It is a hand-held object. When you look down into the hole, you are met by your own reflection, due to a small amount of oil on the inside.

This amazing mirror corner is by Rae Mearkle. I never got tired of taking photos of it...

Lyndsey Dangerfield's pop-up shop installation, also of course a fully working shop, where visitors could indulge in consumerism with a touch of ironic self-reflection.

Lovely ceramic artwork by Hye-Soog.

The morning after the PV. At first it was really quiet, but then there was a another steady stream of visitors.
A big thanks to everybody who helped me with the development of my work, feedback, suggestions, technical advice and inspiration. Special thanks to Kenn Munk! Big thanks also to Fred Gatley.
Many thanks also to my dear friends, old and new and everybody who came to the show and PV!

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  1. These are all amazing, well done!