Friday, 4 September 2009

Private View!

For the last 2 years I have worked on a self-initiated project:

Always With Me:
Stories from my Childhood

At the same time this has become my MA in Fine Art.

The Private View is on 10th September 2009 from 6-8pm at
London Metropolitan University
Central House, 3rd floor, studio CE3-17
59-63 Whitechapel High Street, London E1 7PF
The show will be on from 10-14 September.

Here, I present my latest work, which is a series of 'shrines' dedicated to childhood memories.
I investigate childhood memory and storytelling from a personal individual perspective and experience of memory work.
My childhood memories have an almost religious importance to me, in this project I have developed a series of 'visual stories' based on these memories, which are displayed in the form of shrines. Similar to souvenirs, my 'shrines' are to create a feeling of anticipation and intend to visually communicate and celebrate a sense of longing, magic and enchantment.
In my work I aim to confront the viewer with a conceptual blend of commonly accepted iconography and my individual metaphors.
Craftsmanship and the notion of 'play' are vital aspects of my working method.
Discarded and forgotten by others, found objects are re-interpreted and given a new lease of life by becoming part of my storytelling 'shrines'.

The Sky is full of Birds, shrine
Annabelle Hartmann 2009

The Sky is full of Birds (close-up)

In the Woods (2) close-up

For this shrine I have used a small porcelain doll torso, I bought at a Berlin flea-market. I liked it a lot immediately and knew I had made a good find.
I sculpted legs to fit and made a cloak from fabric, then I painted the figure.
It is meant to represent me as a small child in the forest.
The shrine in its entirety, is below:

In the Woods (2), shrine,12x12x17cm
Annabelle Hartmann 2009

Friday, shrine
Annabelle Hartmann 2009

This is a very small portable shrine, approx.10x4x6cm
It is telling a story about my grandma.
As a child I spent most fridays with my siblings at my grandma's house.
There was always a plate with sweets awaiting us, which we munched-up pretty much instantly.
My grandma had great stories to tell. I especially loved the ones about her dog.

Papersounds, shrine
Annabelle Hartmann 2009

When I made this shrine, I was very inspired by road shrines.
I used an old zigar box I found, and also wooden elements, acrylics, paper, a 'keyhole' and photographic imagery.
Below you can see a photo I have taken of this shrine in situ.

The next two shrines, you can see below, are slip casts made from porcelain.
The surface is spray-painted with matte white emulsion paint after the firing process. I then drew on them with graphite pencil. These two work as a set and they are some of the largest shrines I have made, measuring approx. 43x68x14cm.

My Animal Friends (1) and (2)
Annabelle Hartmann 2009

There is a third porcelain shrine to see too, come and have a look at the Private View of my show Thursday evening!


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